Linggo, Hulyo 19, 2009

Goodbye Geocities! Hello Blogspot!

Last Friday, July 10, I got this email from Yahoo telling me that they’re closing down GeoCities. I got three web sites running on their free servers since the late 90s. One is Bulacancorecords--my indie record label, another is Namatay Sa Ingay--all about the Pinoy punk scene, and the other is Teenage Anger Fanzine--my online personal zine.

Back in the day, publishing on the Internet meant setting up your own web site. In the spirit of DIY (do-it-yourself), most self-published punk writers like myself jumped on the GeoCities bandwagon and issued our zines online. Though there’s a gut-level difference between zines started on paper and those started online, we took to the web like alcoholics to gin bilog (also bulag).

With the advent of social networking and blogging, isolated web pages like those hosted by GeoCities turned out to be the kangkungan instead of the mainstream. Just as yesterday’s cut-and-paste paper zines are slowly being taken in by the less romantic online tambayans, GeoCities has lost its appeal as a favored means of expressing ideas for kids raised on Friendster and YouTube.

As the end of an era in online self-expression draws near, I’m moving out and moving in. To rephrase Hob Gadling in The Sandman Season of Mists: “Here’s to online friends, lost uploads, old emails, and the season of blogs; and may each and every one of us always give the Internet its due.” GeoCities is dead! Long live GeoCities!