Biyernes, Agosto 21, 2009

13 Years of Drunkness & Kinship

WHAT: 13 Years of Drunkness & Kinship (Downtown Sampcore Collective)
WHEN: August 15, 2009 | Saturday | 5:00 PM
WHERE: Floyd Rose Bar, Araneta Ave. cor. Victory St., Quezon Shitty
BANDS: Co-Arse, Disabuse, Destruction Of Trust, Paraconflict, Ixion, Noise Conspiracy Project + A.D.A., Askals, Amok, Bloodshedd, Brutal Punishment, Death After Birth, Guerra Mundial, No Peace In Silence, Play, Resurrected, Sedition, Tadjak Pisara
GATE: 30 pesos per drunkard