Sabado, Setyembre 12, 2009

Diypinoyhcpunk First Anniversary Show

WHAT: Diypinoyhcpunk First Anniversary Show (
WHEN: August 29, 2009 | Saturday | 4:00 PM
WHERE: Ten02 Bar, Quezon City
BANDS: Richard Collier, A.D.A., Bad Omen, Staid, Rush ID, Play, Sister Bastard, Kaktus Karuka, Guerra Mundial, Noise Conspiracy Project, Oh Man! Oh God!, Nuclear Punishment, Half The Battle, Curse/Gift, Bystorm, Legarda, Eyes Of Fire, Omerta, Paraconflict
GATE: 100 pesos with 1 beer / iced tea

Metalcore/Malolos City HC friends and fellow BulakeƱos, OMERTA, starring: Raymond667 on mics, Louie Taba on guitars, Ryan Aso on bass, and new guy on drums. Photos courtesy of the band and Keith Dador.