Martes, Agosto 2, 2011

Parang sonnet*

How do I love thee? Let me count to three:
1. I love thee to the depth of the acne scars on your face
in comparison, Manila's potholes--even the moon's craters
would pale in any case
2. I love thee to the breadth of your mouth and forehead
you almost swallowed me remember? first time we kissed
oh what thick lips and false teeth my tongue won't miss
so I settled for the chopping board that is your brow
like NAIA's runway and EDSA's highway, beauty you are endowed
3. I love thee to the height of your six-inch high heels
'cuz I call to mind horses and races with the sound they make
but I fear for our love when we walk hand-in-hand
for illegal possession of firearms My Precious in jail may land
I love thee blindly, as one deprived of 20/20 vision
I love thee doubly, with cross-eyed indecision
I love thee triply, with a slacker's passion
I shall but love thee better after watching TV

*inspired by Scribbler's "A Parasonnet" which was inspired by Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How Do I Love Thee?"